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Monaco : how sport contributes to build its brand?

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Only few small countries in the world have such a strong nation brand. Monaco and the Principality in particular have long standing historical ties with sport in general and the Olympic movement in particular. Voluntary or not, but sport has greatly contributed to the construction of the notoriety of Monaco.

At the School of Communication and Advertisement (ISCOM) we organized a one week seminar with 132 students who worked on the challenge to present new and innovative projects that could raise the visibility of Monaco and rejuvenate its international image. We discussed sport diplomacy, sponsoring for private companies and public institutions, public/private partnerships.

The projects presented were very creative, some examples : Solar aerobatic plane competition, golf tournament from boat in the Mediterranean sea, climbing wall competition over the sea, bobsleigh competition in the city.

More on the website of the school:

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