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We work for national or local bidding committees, architects, urbanists, governments, municipalities, embassies, ministries, whoever needs our marketing and branding expertise on territories.

We co-create your positionning, your are different and that makes your people, your city unique.

What makes
us unique?

Our clients 

Our values 

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​We are person oriented: we believe that people make the difference in the places. With proud and engaged citizen, places become great and leads to economic development.

We are multidisciplinary: together with you, we co-create a consensual strategy. We have a very empiric and practical approach guided by deep knowledge of marketing, branding, communication and PR tools.

We are inclusive, by provide a strategy that involves partnerships between the private sector with public institutions and civil society. We care about the long-term legacy and create a social good for the citizen.

We are multicultural: specialist in diplomacy and international relations. Most of our team is composed of experienced diplomats from different regions of the world. We are equally experienced in promoting countries, cities or products and services.

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