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Lobster capital of the world

When it comes to creating a city brand, the main question is what should be the central topic or main idea of your brand. For the city of Shediac in Canada, there is no doubt that it is lobster. This is an excellent example of what makes people proud and how the city wants to be seen in the world. It's all about positioning and people's pride.

A city's branding strategy encompasses many elements related to culture, history, economy, commerce, resources, social aspects. There are many things to consider. But which should be the central? There is no clear answer to this question. When we work with cities, we always take into consideration the local reality, the interest of local actors. In Shediac, it is so obvious that it is a Lobster.

At the entrance of the city, you are greeted by a huge lobster and a fisherman sailor. There is no doubt about the endowments of the city.

It was visiting Shediac for the first time. I spent a few days there. They have qualified themselves as the world capital of lobster. And everything in the city gives recognition to what makes their wealth.

All the souvenirs in the city are around the central theme of the Lobster: t-shirts, glasses, keychains, etc. All you need is a lobster.

Even the urban equipment is with the representation of a Lobster.

This highlights the fact that what matters most is not lobster, but the fishermen are the ones who are the main economic actors of the city. It's so obvious that everyone recognizes themselves behind the chosen identity. They are proud to be the lobster capital of the world.

I certainly need to know more about the city and the success of this branding strategy. But in my opinion, this is an excellent example to follow.

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