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Le Gueuleton: a recipe from Reims

A creative, dynamic and friendly chef, Christophe Lebée, owner of Le Gueuleton, in the centre of Reims, wanted to thank his loyal customers by organizing an evening in the spirit of his restaurant. He used our creativity to add a touch of innovation and technology to his gastronomic and dancing evening.

We proposed to narrate his entrepreneurial adventure with a 'micro-mapping' projected on the facades above his restaurant. The idea immediately excited him, his only fear: the budget. We quickly reassured him. A mapping is generally a projection on the facades of large monuments or buildings, but the technology has evolved and it is possible to make 'micro mappings' at short distances on larger spaces indoors or outdoors.

During the duration of our service, his restaurant will become a centre of interest for the citizen, tourists and nightwalkers of Reims. There is also no ecological footprint since there is no waste and electricity consumption is low. The ‘micro mapping’ tower is located a few meters in front of its restaurant and fully protected, so safe for passersby.

Our mapping scenario had to be warm and friendly; the story projected: personal and unique. We filmed the waiters, the chef's family and his Special Citroën 2CV6 collector's version always parked in front of the restaurant.

Our team installed the 'micro-mapping' tower the day before the event. We needed only a few hours for the technical setup for the screening. When the time came, customers laugh, shout, applaud and realize that this restaurateur is ready to do anything to satisfy them, this is the first time a restaurant owner organizes a mapping on the walls of his restaurant. Tonight the holograms have replaced the menus, and the chef is smiling and welcoming the guest in 3D.

That same night he envisioned the end of year version of the mapping. He wants us to come back to warm up the hearts of his customers.

We can provide 'micro mapping' solutions for your city and animate districts that need more attention. Please contact us if you want to understand more about what we can do for your city.

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