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Place Marketing
City Branding
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Our company is mostly dedicated to place marketing and branding. It is crucial to understand the difference between both concepts to understand what we do and how we can add value to your projects.


The difference between place marketing and nation branding is a bit confusing, but are crucial to begin with the promotion of your city.

Place marketing is to make use of marketing tools to differentiate your city from the competitors that you have identified. You analyse the market and offer to your customers (tourists, investors, future residents) a place that is different from the others.

Nation or city branding is about your core values and who you want to be. The most difficult aspect is that branding a city is about citizen, culture, history, social aspects. You need to have the support of your citizen to be successful in branding a place.

Positioning is the result of both of them. Once you know your market, the competition, your core and secondary values, the targets you want to attract, then you are able to formulate a clear positioning that fits your nation or city. In our vision, the positioning is the key success factor for your city.

What makes us different is that we co-create your positioning, strategy and prepare working plans with a collaborative and consensual methodologies.

Our main objective is to develop and Eco-system that involves all the local actors: public institutions, private sector and civil society.

The values that motivate us on this are: Legacy, heritage, citizen centered and create by doing. Learn more on this.

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