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Technologies can be used to create events and bring animation to cities. This is what we offer with our partners IBW Consulting and D-View.

A mapping is generally a projection on the facades of large monuments or buildings, but the technology has evolved and it is possible to make 'micro mappings' at short distances on larger spaces indoors or outdoors.


If you are a creative entrepreneur, and want to add a touch of innovation and technology to your events, we invite you to challenge our creativity.



The most modular and versatile screen on the market is composed of cubes.


Use as a reception Desk on a Conference Center it allows to announce events, provide guidance instructions, make real-time broadcasts.


It can take any shape cubes can have. Your imagination has no limit. 



Outstanding products need an exceptional presentation. Hologram technology achieves this. It brings life and personality to your products.


We have the technical expertise of the technology and graphic creativity to value your products. We certainly can bring you a solution for your purpose.

Contact us for more information about our solutions.

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