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Brand audit

For many city managers it is a concern to have a city recognized at national or international level. How can we define a brand strategy for your city?


The first step that you need to take is to prepare a brand audit simply because you can improve only what you can measure. You need to evaluate or review the assets of your city. Understanding, what your place has in terms of heritage, attractiveness, events will allow you to understand who your competitors are. All territories have something they can be proud of, it can be tangible or intangible.


Also, place branding is about people so don't forget the core values that motivates your citizen. Branding is about finding the core values and competencies of a city. This is a very important first step.


The benefits of branding a place are in terms of trade, tourism, investments and most important: about local populations feeling proud of the places they live in.

The following developments will depend on the results of your brand audit.  Together with the stakeholders of your place: citizen, private sector and public institutions we will develop a strategy that fits your plans.


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Who should be involve in the process?

Branding a place is a process of aligning the social actors to maintain the reputation of the place, city or country. This is the positioning you want to keep in the mind of your customers.

Your strategy objectives are to attract tourism, foreign direct investment, talented people, investors, private companies.

You strategy should develop new economic activities, create new connections between industries, sectors or economic actors; create new economic and social networks that will foster innovation and creativity.

You strategy should also reassure the existing companies that they will not be substitute. Instead, make them understand that you are creating new economic opportunities and you are ready to help to grab them.

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